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These Valentine's Day inspirational love quotes present- logic of love, language of love, the meaning of love and love and judgment...

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Logic of Love

logic of love, love inspirational, inspirational gift

Logic of love makes one plus one as one. Logic of Love highlights the mysterious ways the Love operates. In the equation of love, one plus equals one. Two entities come together and become one. They start operating like one unit. From the practical perspective people will not understand this equation as they expect the answer to be two and not one. But there is really no logic in the lovers hearts the come together not to become more but to be one with another. To  see the world from another's eyes, as Rumi has so eloquently written here-

"I see so deeply within myself. Not needing my eyes, I can see everything clearly.Why would I want to bother my eyes again, Now that I see the world through His eyes?" ~Rumi

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Language of Love

language of love, love inspirational, inspirational gifts

Love doesn't need a language. You don't need words to express love in any language. Love is understood without any language. Actually words can't really express true love but that doesn't mean that true love is not understood. True love is understood not by the words but by the presence in the absence of words.

For fun I have put together love in different languages of the world along with a symbol for heart. It is fascinating to see how different languages call love. See how many of these you can recognize.

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Transformation in Love

transformation in love, inspirational love, inspirational gifts

"Love is that magician that pulls man out of his own hat." ~Ben Becht

In the love the lovers transform and become a higher version of themselves. As the love teaches openness and acceptance. Once the lovers become open and accepting of each other that openness extends into the general world and all are forgiven and accepted. Lovers come together despite each other's deficiencies and shortcomings but they choose to focus on each other's good qualities and virtues. The same attitude is extended to the broader worlds. That is why it is very hard to fight with a loving heart. Love is the magical potion that cures men of all ills.

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Love and the Judgment

love and judgment, love inspirational, inspirational gift

"Love is the absence of judgment" ~Dalai Lama

In true love there is no judgement of the other and the other is accepted in whole. No person is without her faults and deficiencies but in love all is forgiven and forgotten. The judgment of other leads to judgment of self and one become harsh on herself. In the absence of judgment of the other even the oneself is also forgiven and treated with love. Hence love helps to heal all wounds.

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