In The Light Of My Heart-III

This is going to be my space to express my musings and perspectives. I have called it the "In The Light Of My Heart"...As it is going to be a voice of my heart woven through life experiences and adventures. Let's begin...

Five Ingredients: For Successful Living

These Five Ingredient can be applied in any life situation to get the most out of life. These 5 ingredients can make make a complete difference in any venture of life that we undertake. Nothing else is needed as their application will bring other effects like passion, hard work, creativity, communication into the picture. These 5 are the Cause and the rest are the Effects. For example: If you are being yourself, you will automatically have passion for anything you do. you will naturally work hard without you even realizing it. If you are keeping the mind open then  creativity and communication will follow as you will listen better. Having faith will impart patience and resoluteness needed for a strong character. 

Every individual will apply them in their own way and will get their own unique results but that result is always the best and most successful result for that individual in that situation. These can be applied when you are having the dark times or when you are feeling at the top of the world. I love this list as it is simple and easy to follow yet so powerful in it's impact. Let's start:

1-Be Yourself

Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 

If you are not being yourself then you are never going to be completely fulfilled and happy regardless of how much money you have accumulated. We all have our own way of expressing our gifts and unique personalities in our own ways. This is not just a saying to make everyone feel good about themselves. But it is very fundamental statement about this universe. God/Oneness doesn't even create two snow flakes the same way. She makes them unique. Every living moment is different, every day is different and each living moment is its own unique expression of universe. You are also unique with all your flaws and deficiencies. This perception shift is a game changer. Once you accept who you are you will love yourself. Others will find it easy to love you as you love yourself. The rest is easy from that point on. You will not be judging yourself from someone else's point of view. Their criticism will fall flat on you as their point of view may be valid for their domain but you have your own criteria as you are different. You will not try to fit in but try to stand out. Actually not even TRY to stand out. You are different. You are made that way. There is no other way to look at it.  This changes everything as you will now chase your own dreams and your own fulfillment will follow. A Rose will smell nice and a Horse will gallop fast and a bird will fly high. They are not comparable to each others and neither are you.

2-Think Positive

In any given situation we have the choice about how we look at it. We can look at it from a negative perspective or from a positive perspective. Again these are not just words but very powerful ways to change the direction of your entire journey. It is not always easy to think positive as  it is life's job to keep throwing both positive and negative at us. When we are hit with positive circumstances then it is easy to remain on our best behavior. But sometimes there will be negative situations thrown at you. Then what do you do? First of all as we keep the positive focus we will keep getting more positive. The law of attraction will make sure that we are getting what we are focusing upon. But we are not perfect and there may still be times when we face negativity. It is our job then to look for positives in that storm of negativity. However small that positive might be by simply looking at it and keeping your attention on it will reverse the negative cycle and start the positive one. One small positive thought will draw another one and then another one and slowly it will be an outpouring of the positive stream. That is why counting your blessing works so wonderfully. It is also very helpful to keep a list of things you love and enjoy. This could be an activity like talking a walk in the park, playing with your furry friend, listening to music, watching a movie, taking a bath, watching your favorite family photos, playing with a colorful nic-nack, looking at an inspirational picture, reading an inspirational quote and many more. 

So think positive to get positive results. You can't get positive results by thinking negative. How do you know when you are thinking positive versus thinking negative? It doesn't feel good when you are thinking negative. It feels good when you are thinking positive. For this you will have to trust your feelings and to trust your feelings you will have to be yourself. If you are not being yourself then someone will set a goal for you and you will keep following the path for that goal regardless of how it feels to YOU. If you be yourself, you will love yourself and trust your feelings to guide you. Then you will trust your feelings to indicate positive and feeling. As now you are not suppressing your own feeling and instead counting on them to help discern negative from positive.

3-Bring Love to the Table

Love yourself, Love others around you and wherever you go and whatever you do take love with you. Nothing is impossible with love in the picture. It it that secret potion that is needed in all situations. Without love all success is empty and with love even apparent defeat feels like winning.

“Love…binds everything together in perfect harmony.” ~Colossians 3:14

Love is the master ingredient. It is also the essential ingredient. Bringing love in the equation will solve all problems. Once you have love you will be able to forgive easily. Once you are able to forgive you are able to move freely without restrictions from your past holding you back. Forgiveness releases your energies for actions in the present and take them off from the past. This will help you think positive as you are no longer consumed with the thoughts of revenge, hatred or other negative emotions.

Can you love without being loved back or can you love without agreement? Yes, you can do that. Love is not conditional upon situations, it is an outpouring from your understanding that All is One and All is Well.

4-Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind is critical to our ability to listen, communicate, being creative, grow, learn and change directions when needed. It keeps us non-judgmental and accepting, helping maintain our state of love. 

If you don't keep an open mind then you are not able to find solutions that you are looking for but too rigid to realize. You will accept the answers to come to you in one way and one way only. You will keep rejecting the easier, better ways to empower your life. 

If you don't keep an open mind then you will become arrogant with my way or the highway attitude. This is what happens when Be Yourself is standing on it's own with Love and Open Mind missing.

Keeping an open mind and heart is essential to be successful in relationships and dealing with others. Lack of love and and an open heart is what causes so many apparent successful people to be lonely and sad.

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” ~Frank Zappa

5-Have Faith

This is probably the most important ingredient out of all 5 when the things are going rough and life situations are dire and threatening. It gets you through tough times as you have faith in the well being of this universe. This is not a reliance on someone else or something else but an understanding that "All is Well" and everything is going to be OK because God is Good and God is One and we are One. There is nothing else other than this oneness and we are an integral part of it. There is nothing but a spring of well being flowing through this oneness. And nothing but goodness can come out of it. It is an understanding that sun does come up after a dark night and it will come up even today. Although you night not have seen any signs of it yet. In fact you might have seen signs of the complete opposite. You might be seeing the complete darkness right now but have faith sun does come up.

When we become peeled away from this one or as we perceive it to be different than us the misery and lack takes over. This understanding of the source and knowing that All is Well takes practice. And probably this is the most difficult ingredient to master. As the understanding of the Well-Being flowing through out the universe become deeper the faith becomes stronger.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Martin Luther King, Jr

At first you may not get the whole picture of oneness and you being an essential part of it but you still take it at the face value and trust that this is true and take the first step. People who have this understanding of oneness have already gone through the staircase a  few times. They have deeper faith due to that.

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