In The Light Of My Heart-II

This is going to be my page to express my musings and perspectives. I have called it the "In The Light Of My Heart"...As it is going to be a voice of my heart woven through life experiences and adventures. Let's begin...

Dark Night of the Soul: Having Faith

#4 (01-03-13)- For some strange reason I experienced some darkness and depression yesterday. I had topics in my mind that I wanted to express but couldn't find the energy to do it. It is OK. It was very interesting to see what was going through my mind. There was no reason to feel depressed. There was no reason to feel negativity. But of course once you are in that mode it is self generating. Everything looks negative, everything looks bad, everyone looks against you and so on. Nothing could go right. And it is all perception but when you are in that mode it all seems so real and so true. It is fascinating how we have the ability to selectively observe the facts and choose what we want to choose. We can look at the same damn topic and find it the best thing that ever happened to you in a bright mood and with a dark mood everything is so sour. It is a very interesting insight as this will help you observe how you are selectively choosing the thoughts to observe only negative when you are in that mode. Also you have the ability

So I did what I do the best- Take rest, play with my 3 years old son and watch a movie. One wise man once said that "There is nothing in this world that can't be cured by- Food, Water, Rest and Time." This has stuck with me as I find this to be totally true. I looked beat up in the evening but by the morning everything was back to my normal cheerful self. Also something good came out of the whole deal- I created a picture quote to represent my state of mind and how I came back. This will be a great reminder for me and for all of you my dear readers!!!

I called it the Dark Night of the Soul. It is a beautiful picture of a complete dark night with just the moon light reflecting on the water.

Faith quote, dark night of the soul

The moon indicates the core values that keep providing hope in a dark situation. There are always some source of sustenance in the darkest of the hour. Even on a moonless night the stars shin bright. Our job is to keep the focus on the positive and sun will shine soon enough. That is the message from this quote. 

So it is a powerful insight to keep the focus on the positive, here on the moon. If you are choosing to focus on the dark then you will miss the beauty of the moon. Actually it is only in the darkness of the night that the moon can look so precious. It is also very interesting to understand how we can take the same situation and turn it into negative or positive with just a change of attitude and perspective.

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