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This is going to be my page to express my musings and perspectives. I have called it the "In The Light Of My Heart"...As it is going to be a voice of my heart woven through life experiences and adventures. Let's begin...

About Work and Vacations

#1 (01-01-13)- Why do we not enjoy our works so much as we might enjoy a vacation or just a walk in the park? I had this thought after coming back from a very relaxing and enjoyable vacations in Hawaii with my family. As I was getting ready to go back to work- it is not as easy to think of work and not feel a little stressful. Maybe because at work we have responsibilities and schedules to meet while at vacation we have no such thing. However there are people who can make vacation like work and driven by a tight schedule and deadlines with a list of things to do and places to see and activities to accomplish. That aside the vacations are supposed to be based upon our whims and fancies and  follow our heart's music. While work on the other hand is supposed to be an exercise of mind. Is that true? Do we have to make work boring and repetitive and soul-less. Do we have to just go there and punch the clock? or can we find little things in the little things in the work that we enjoy. I guess we are never going to find as much pleasure in the work as in a vacation. Is that true? I am pretty sure as even when you can find a work where it is your passion and the love of your life, there are going to be things that you have to do that you may not enjoy. A person working for himself/herself and following her passion may still have to deal with the paperwork and paying the taxes etc... You get the point. But what about vacations- even in a vacation- you have to plan the vacation and buy the ticket and reserve the hotel room and budget the expenses or figure out other small things...So I guess the key difference between the work and vacation is the attitude we have towards one versus another. It is not about the place or the location or even who you are with. It is all about the attitude and expectations you have about the activity. As the people in Hawaii who were working in the same location my feel completely differently than the people there for vacation. So can we say that we should be able to enjoy the work about as much as any activity including the vacations. Of course we are not perfect and our attitudes will slip from time to time and time and again. lol!!! But try we must...Well I am reminded of some great lines from one of my favorite movie (Lord of the Rings)--

"Hold your ground, hold your ground! Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of woes and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!”  ~ J.R.R. Tolkien (Aragorn)

I can not close this without calling to attention another great quote I read recently in a great book I picked up in a little shop called "Coconut Glen" in Nahiku, Hawaii (more about this wonderful place later). The name of the book is "Live in Wonder" by Eric Saperston. It has a great quote by Howard Thurman 

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask your self what makes you come alive.

And then go do that.

Because what the world needs is the people who have come alive."

We will come back to it in another post as the topic of work and pleasure and very rich with ideas and insight and seems to be on top of my mind as we start this fascinating new year...

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Retrodict- A Way To Reconfigure Our Past

#2 (01-01-13)- I learned a new word "Retrodict". My daughter has this word a day calendar that she got as a Christmas present from us, we started using it and the first word was Retrodict. As you might have guess that it is the opposite of "predict"... In predict we gather the facts in the present and project/foresee a future and in Retrodict you gather facts from present and project/reorganize the past. It is a great concept. I guess we don't use this word too much but we are very much using this concept all the time. The new information that is assimilated by us helps us reconfigure our past memories in a totally new way. I am learning that our memories are very fluid and they are changing all the time. As we get wiser and learn new things in life we start to also have new perspectives and new understandings. That totally re-configures the way we view the world and the way we see ourselves and also the way we view our past experiences in life. That is the reason that we start liking things we never likes before and we start not liking things that we had liked before. In colloquial it is called Growing Up. A 2 year old likes Barney the purple dinosaur, while as a 6 years old the same child may not enjoy the same character. As an adult we are not changing and growing as much as most of our ideas are formed and frozen. We have consolidated a view point of the world and it is almost unchangeable. Very shocking events might be able to shake it a little bit but things are not as pliable anymore like in a child. We become more rigid and in control. As out view point informs us and sort of drives us. We have certain beliefs and opinions about work, life, other races, cultures, political parties that we hold true. This view point also drives the experiences we gather as we tend to attract what we believe it. Ever heard of "Self Fulfilling Prophecy"!!! We tend to validate our view points and our beliefs by associating with the people who would hold the same views. This creates our own reality and this explains why so many sincere people can have such opposite views in life...So is it good or bad to have rigid ideas and beliefs? Well it is good and bad. The consistent beliefs provide us the predictability and consistency in the world so our minds can handle it. Imagine changing the type of food you like everyday. Drives my wife crazy. So it is important to have a consistent world view from the moment to moment. But it is also important to keep refining and changing it based upon the new information. It is called keeping our minds open. That helps us become 'More" of our true selves and our true calling. As we learn and grow and learn and grow some more...We keep changing the way we view the past as our lenses have become a little more bigger and wider. Change in perspective will change your outlook without fail and what you believed to be true will change. So what I am saying is that your truth will change as well (you may not realize it but it does) (this is another topic that I would love to explore and discuss more). It is shocking to think about it at first. Think about it this way: when you look at the sun everyday rise in the East and setting in the West. That is your truth as a citizen of Earth. That is an absolute and no one can convince you otherwise. But when you travel in space the perspective changes and the truth/belief will change as well. From space you see that Sun is in the middle and earth is rotating on its axis and causing this day and night and the perception of Sun rising and setting in East and West respectively, seeing from the earth. (what that does to Faith and how does faith play a role in all that? can we have faith in anything then? should we have faith in something and then risk losing it? Fascinating topics but let's keep them for later as we still have to finish "Retrodict")

This is a tremendous insight and very useful indeed. As we Retrodict- we  learn more about the reality and our perceptions change and causes us to reconfigure the past by understanding it better in different light. We start to look at the things differently. This is a tremendous help in healing. How? by learning and loving our present we reconfigure the way we look at the past and the way we understand the past. We are able to better forgive and forget details that bother us. We are able to love and like certain individuals that we didn't like before. We are better able to understand the actions of our parents and have better comprehension of the events of the past. This aids in healing of the emotions and subsequent healing of the mind and body will follow (mental note to write more about this connect of emotions with mind and body later). But the insight tells us that we have to first learn to open ourselves up for the new knowledge and the new information to be able to change our rigid patterns and beliefs. That means making ourselves vulnerable to hurt and pain. But that is part of being human and there are safer ways to open ourselves up without feeling to much hurt or pain. This happens in trusted situations and with trusted individuals ( journal-ing is one safe way to express ourselves without the fear of rejection and hurt..More o that later as well). So to heal our past we have to heal our present. And we heal our present we have to be open to new information and perspectives to be able to see our past in a new light...

Mind versus Heart (Knowledge versus Knowing)

#3 (01-01-13)-A very short note: I was watching the movie "Total Recall". It is about how in future all our memories can be implanted without knowing the difference between real and imaginary. Without giving away too much of the plot- The main character's (played by Colin Farrell)memories are flipped multiple times and in a fight the villain taunts about him not remembering who he really was and Colin's character says something like-  "I may not remember who I WAS but I KNOW who I AM"... I love these words. They talk about the difference between mind and heart. The memory of the mind can be switched and swapped and changed as it always live in the past or the future. But the heart lives in the present and you will always know who you are in that instant if you follow the heart. If you live in the mind you will live in a state of constant confusion but the heart knows no confusion. This reminds me of another great quote I first saw in the book "Live in Wonder" by Eric Saperston. 

 I can't find the quote now but here it is anyways. I give you winsdom from  Pablo Picasso

"Computers are useless,they can only give you answers" ~Pablo Picasso

Why do I use it here? because computers operate very much like our brain. They are an extension of our brain. Humans have essentially tried to copy how the brain works without the biologically advanced storage and computing functionality and technology of the brain. One day we may be able to catch up with the original designer of the brain but it still has flaws (I can start counting the flaws in human brain and body but that is opening another can of worms and we shall not do that until later). The brain can only process what it knows based upon the data you feed it. It can't process the unknown and it thinks linear. The linear thinking will only take you so far. It will not lead you to the next evolution in the human consciousness. That will come from the heart, that can process multi-dimensional and has all the answers in the present. How do I know this? I just do.

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