How to use Inspirational Quotes most effectively?

Let's explore what is the best way(s) to make use of the inspirational quotes....

To start with each individual is going to have their own unique way to best make use of these inspirational quotes. But here are some ideas that can be helpful in providing you a starting point for further exploration on your own into your own unique style-

1- Use it on a daily basis - It helps to use these inspirational quotes on a regular basis preferably daily. This helps to overcome the habitual emotional response. As we are programmed to react in certain way thanks to our long subconscious training in those ways. Many time we know what is the right thing to do or say or the right behavior but we end up doing the thing that we have practiced the most. A daily dose of the inspirational message of any kind is necessary to overcome those habitual emotional responses.

2- Write them down - Write down the once that attract you the most. There are going to be a few that you will really like and they are the once that you need at the moment. These will change over time but at that time they are the once that will be most helpful. Write them down on piece of paper. I prefer writing them down on a piece of paper. There is something about the motion of writing something down that crystallizes the message for us. This method is even more potent if you write them down on a piece of paper compared to on a computer/smartphone. I think there is something visceral happening that makes it more powerful as far as paper is concerned.

3- Read them often - Take opportunity to read these inspirational quotes back to you a few times a day. I like to keep some written on a bright paper in my pocket and every time I take something out of my pocket these quotes and their message come as a reminder. Sometimes I read them again and sometimes it is simply a mental reminder. This again helps as the message is being ingrained in your system. It is going deeper and deeper more you practice. There is no secrets in it. It is the same way the negative messages and suggestions and made their way into out subconscious. The best way to replace a negative suggestion is to turn towards a positive suggestion. Deeper the positive message goes the more powerful it will become in overcoming the negative programming.

4- Think about them- Contemplate the inspirational quotes that you have chosen. You will find that new meanings will emerge from the same quote. Read other similar quotes to understand the nuances and subtle differences. Think about different examples that fits that quote. For example take this quote and think about how this is so true- "“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ― Dr. Seuss

I can find so many examples in my life where I made things more complicated then they were supposed to be. The answers have always been found when I stepped away from the problem, took a deep breath and possible distracted myself with something more pleasing. The answers keep rolling when the mind is at rest and they seem so simple when the answers are finally found. Is we look from the perspective of the problem than it is very hard and complicated. If we look from the perspective of the solutions then it is done with ease and flow...

5- Don't give up - Never even give up. Winning is only an attitude. and you have not lost if you have found something to learn from the loss...Giving up is also a pattern and it is also learned behavior. So you can learn persistence and determination instead and develop the attitude of winning...

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