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26-Year Old Mother Hearing Family’s Voices for the First Time


Enjoy this video of a 26 years old mother hearing the voice of her father and then her son for the first time. Her reaction to her first words is priceless and very emotional. 

These comments from the Yahoo story shows how people respond to uplifting message. It strengthens our belief that miracles are possible and even commonplace and it can happen to us too.

"i love reading these stories! Congratulations Amy I am so happy for you!"

"Again, THIS is news worth watching/reading... unlike stupid celebs, dating/drinking life."

Video of 26-Year Old Woman Hearing Family’s Voices for the First Time

By  | Trending Now – 16 hrs ago  Wed, Mar 20, 2013

Living a life without sound is something that many people do every day. However, as technology continues to advance, medical science is changing things for the hearing impaired.

A video recently uploaded to the social news site Reddit shows a 26-year-old woman named Amy with her family as her surgically implanted cochlear hearing device is tested. Amy's aunt Catherine posted the video. Viewers can watch as the hearing aid is turned on. The nurse asks Amy if she can hear her voice, and Amy uses sign language to communicate that yes, she can.

But that's not all. It gets better.

Amy becomes visibly emotional as the implant allows her to hear her family member's voices. Her father and son are both in the room as the hearing test is done. Her father speaks first: "Amy, can you hear my voice? Can you hear it?" Amy nods and continues to shed tears. Then her young son, Blake, says, "Hi, mom." He says it quietly a couple of times, and then he speaks loudly so Amy can hear him, and the entire room is moved.

The video has been viewed more than 468,000 times on YouTube. It was uploaded in September 2012, but it gained viral status when it was uploaded to Reddit and up-voted to the front page. Many of its viewers have left well-wishes for Amy. One person wrote, "This is absolutely incredible. Gave me chills."

Amy's family reports that her pronunciation has since improved and that she can now hear words and loves music. Her aunt Catherine said that Amy "loves the challenge to improve more, and she is a joy to be around."

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