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“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”― Haruki Murakami

Pain is a physical or situational thing that is part of your circumstances. Suffering is your response to these circumstances.

We live in a dynamic world and there are things and situations happening in your own life, your community, your workplace, your friends and relatives lives, in your country and in the world that may not be in our control. Eventually these circumstances may impact you personally and it will bring undesirable changes in your life. We all are well aware of this routine and know that from our experience. There is almost an inevitability to this happening over and over again. Now I believe that we DO have control over what happens to us. There is something called ‘Law of Attraction” that drives how we can focus on the desirable aspects of life. We have to then release resistance to those desirable aspects being in your life. Almost expect them to happen to you. Using this process those desirable aspects will start appearing more and more in your daily life while the undesirable will languish in isolation as it is not paid any attention and hence it does not grow. So desirable will grow with your attention and undesirable will shrink with lack of your attention. That is a way we have control over life’s circumstances. But more on that later, let’s say you haven’t learned the art of conscious creation yet. You may still be working on it just like I am. So these circumstances will twist you around and control your time and resources and might make it really hard for you.

But the suffering is what do you with these difficult circumstances and how you individually respond to them. The individual attitude drives how people react to these circumstances and some will come out of these stronger and better prepared for the next time. The others will take these circumstances and start bemoaning the bad luck that has fallen them. They will not be in good shape to handle these circumstances appropriately. They have already placed themselves at a disadvantage. They have already cursed their future by cursing their present. These people have CHOSEN to suffer. Unfortunately they may not realize it at that time and we have teach these skills at schools.

So the suffering is always optional and by developing a winning attitude we will be able to overcome any difficult circumstance that is thrown at us…

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