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"The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge." - Bertrand Russell

Life is inspired by the love of what you do and who you areAnd is guided by the knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong and the ways of the world.They are like two wings on a bird. Both are needed for the flight.

If you have love without the discernment then you might get into trouble as people will victimize you in this world. People can intentionally manipulating you and taking advantage of you knowing that you wouldn’t do anything. If you have discernment without the love then you will become heartless and dry. You will try to break everything down into facts and details and information. The compassionate heart would be missing. It is that compassionate heart that listens even though knowing full well that you know more than the other person.

When you have a balance of both love and wisdom then you can be loving in all situations while dealing with rough and tumble situations. You don’t lose your love just the way you approach things are different so people are not able to manipulate and control you. You are also able to have loving attitude in small things. While solving problems and dealing with emotionally dry subjects there is always a sense of bigger picture. The love and the heart are ever present without losing the discernment.

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