Inspirational Resources on Death and Loss

These inspirational resources on death and loss have been selected to provide understanding on the topic of death and the loss of the loved ones. They include links to inspirational pages on this site plus links to other high quality resources that can provide help on dealing with death and loss.

These will help you overcome the fear of the death and help deal with the grief by providing understanding.

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Dealing With Fears

"In western society, the belief in the finality of death is an obstacle to healing. We have a dynamic culture where the possibility of our loss of person hood is unthinkable. The dynamics of death in a loving family is akin to a successful stage play that is thrown into disarray due to the loss of one of its stars. The supporting cast flounders around over the need for script changes. Dealing with this huge hole in the story left by the departed affects the future roles of the remaining players. There is a dichotomy here because when souls are in the spirit world preparing for a new life, they laugh about being in rehearsals for their next big stage play on Earth. They know all roles are temporary." ~Michael Newton in the book Destiny of Souls (Chapter Death, Grief and Comfort)

Books to find understanding on the topic of Death and Dying

The following list is by the famous author and researcher on the subject of death and dying "Elisabeth Kubler-Ross". She has an interesting life story and through her extensive research she came up with the 5 stages of grief in her now classic book "On Death and Dying". 

Books to understand life between lives

These books here explore the subject of what happens when we die. What do we do up there? Michael Newtonhypnotherapist, documented his 35 years of research in his best seller book "Journey of the Souls". This book has a special place in my heart. As it put me back on track on my quest to understand life after death. I have read all of these books several times and found them to be really fascinating and enlightening...

Inspirational Gifts

There is no gift that can heal the hole in the heart left with a loss. These items below have been selected to be sensitive to other person and share your feeling that you are with them in their moment of loss. They also can help them support in their time of crisis and sadness.

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